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    If you are planning to start a chase, think twice if you are in the jurisdiction of the Lazio Highway Police of Italy. Why? They have the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 as their ride.

    The LP560-4 outclasses its predecessors. It boasts of a V10 5.12L engine that has an output of 560 PS at 8000 rpm. It is lighter by 20 kilograms compared to the previous releases. It can definitely speed up achieving 0-100 km per hour in a matter of 3.7 seconds and can have a top speed of 325 km/h.

    No surprises but the boys of Sant’Agata received donations of the fast and furious Lamborghinis to beef up their police force. The new cars will replace the first generation Gallardo’s that’s been on the service since 2004. The old cars proved to be very efficient with 87000 miles on its meter without needing any unscheduled maintenance repair.

    The new Gallardo’s will have an array of gadgets to help the police force do their duties effectively. With the great patrol car comes high tech police gadgets like video cameras, plate number scanners, and connectivity with the head quarters.

    The vehicle is also equipped with a GPS device that can monitor the speed and location of the Gallardo. It can also come up with the recommended speed to intercept potential violators.

    Aside from the techie equipment, a gun holster, computer, radio, and stop signs come as standard issues.

    The police officers who use the Gallardo were specially trained to operate the high speed car during highway chases, medical emergencies, and police operations.

    It is very cool to see the authorities being well equipped with super sports cars. You will be confident that they can do their job. Just pray that you aren’t the one being chased.

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