• 14Nov

    Chrysler, in collaboration with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, recalls 20,283 Dodge Magnum and Charger police vehicles manufactured between 2006 and 2009. The recall is being made after reports that there is a defect in the gear’s column shifter.

    Safety concern is the primary issue since a wrong gearshift position may displayed on the dashboard panel when the gear cable gets disconnected from the mounting bracket of the steering column. The wrong gear information might cause the police car to move without the intentions of the driver which may cause road mishaps.

    Dodge Charger Cop Car

    The auto manufacturer has not received any reports of injuries caused by the problem but has documented 55 reports of the problem and complaints from 9 customers with regard to the Magnum and Dodge police vehicles. According to reports, the vehicle may display P or parked when in fact it is in drive mode.

    To solve the problem, Chrysler has instructed its dealers to install a redundant locking mechanism to make sure that the gear retention and linkage system works perfectly.

    The recall of the Magnum and Dodge police cars are expected to be carried out this November.

    Incidents have been reported in the past when Chrysler cars had similar park transmission problems. Pedestrians, especially children, were injured when the car suddenly shifts gear causing it to move forward or in reverse catching the unknowing passers by.

    In the US, a lot of car accidents are attributed to manufacturing defects. Auto producers are taking all cautions and steps to recall vehicles to avoid causing injuries and possible legal liabilities.

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