• 13Sep

    I have a feeling that Lamborghini might be a photoshop/fake, but the others are real for sure. These cars are creating a great deal of controversy in Belgium, as quite a few people feel their government is throwing money around in the middle of a crisis.

    Not sure I disagree with the people there, but some great cop cars none the less!

  • 26May
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    The Hungarian cops driving this Audi TT Police Car are amongst the happy few in their relatively poor country. It is a MK1 TT and not the sexy new version — but still — I kind of like it! 🙂

    Audi TT Police Car

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  • 04Sep

    Kuwait has money. Kuwait has a lot of money. What do you do when you’ve got a lot of money to spend and a lot of people driving fast cars? You shop around for police cars that can keep up with your speeding population…

    These Audi S6’es were part of a try-out shopping experiment with manufacturers from all over the globe sending their top cop cars to Kuwait for a test. I’m not sure if Kuwait ended up buying these audis, but they do look pretty sharp if you ask me…

    Audi S6 Police Car Kuwait
    Audi S6 Police Car Kuwait