• 03Oct

    This one is pretty sick. 😀

    We’ve mentioned the Dodge Charger Police Car before and I told you I loved it, but seeing it do sick burnouts in the flesh pretty much makes it EVEN BETTER. 😀

    Excellent video. Thanks Youtuber Automobilemag!

  • 04Sep

    Kuwait has money. Kuwait has a lot of money. What do you do when you’ve got a lot of money to spend and a lot of people driving fast cars? You shop around for police cars that can keep up with your speeding population…

    These Audi S6’es were part of a try-out shopping experiment with manufacturers from all over the globe sending their top cop cars to Kuwait for a test. I’m not sure if Kuwait ended up buying these audis, but they do look pretty sharp if you ask me…

    Audi S6 Police Car Kuwait
    Audi S6 Police Car Kuwait

  • 03Sep
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    This Lotus Esprit S4 cop car never really did any work for the fuz in the UK — it was mainly a PR stunt by Lotus. I like the idea though, the Esprit had its engine in the middle, its power on the back wheels and handling like no other supercar of that era. This would make for an excellent interceptor, I’m sure…

    Photos below are the only ones I could find. If you have more — please send them to us (reply in comments and we’ll be in contact!).

    Lotus Esprit S4 Police Car

    More about Lotus Cars on LotuSphere2007.com.

  • 31Aug
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    The new 2006 Dodge Charger is one of the most popular ‘new age’ American Muscle Cars, and obviously Dodge decided to make sure there was a “black and white”-version available for police fleets…

    Upon its release Dodge claimed the Charger was the most powerful production police car available on the market — and I checked — they’re probably right…

    Dodge Charger Cop Car
    Dodge Charger Cop Car

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  • 28Aug

    This is one of the most hardcore cop cars I’ve seen in my long life of copcarloving. 😉

    This Caparo T1 RRV does zero to one hundred MILES per hour in just under FIVE seconds. For the record though, this one will never ever show up in your rear view mirror as it was and always will remain a concept car developed in cooperation with Top Gear chaps Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

    Breathtaking photos (click for full size view):

    If this doesn’t qualify as a sick car, what does? 🙂

  • 22Aug
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    Swedish Volvo V70 police Car that was shown to the public at the Stockholm Police Conference earlier this year.

    Volvo V70 Police Car (2008) Volvo V70 Police Car (2008) Volvo V70 Police Car (2008)

    I found these photos at Volvo Blog in their article on this Volvo V70 Police Car.

  • 22Aug
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    SFPD Police Car

    SFPD Police Car

    Yes we do and we like them from all over the globe!

    We’re just settling in in our cop-car-loving blog here but in a few days/weeks we’ll be posting the most amazing cop cars photos, videos and stories for all of you cc-lovers out there! 😉

    Stay tuned – more coming asap!