• 07Sep
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    The police force needs fast cars on the road. It is a good thing that automakers partner with the law enforcement to give the police a much needed zoom during high speed chases.

    We have heard before of the Italian Polizia getting special training to maximize of their LP560-4 Lamborghini Gallardo to efficiently track down bad guys in combo with GPS technology. The police force of Britain and Lexus has teamed up for a more practical option by providing the Humberside constabulary with the quick super sedan Lexus IS-F.

    The Humberside police force will surely make lives tougher for the hooligans in their jurisdiction. There has been a delivery of the Lexus IS-F but it is still not clear if the police will have a whole fleet of the very quick rides to boost their force.

    They currently have vehicles from Subaru making most of their mobile fleet. The decision to switch to the Lexus was not very easy since the Lexus IS-F came with a regular sticker price. This is not the case for the Italian Lamborghini which has been known for their generous donations to their local police force.

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